Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

9th, 10th, and 11th grade English students participate in the Accelerated Reader program at ZHS. The AR program enables students to read books that are at an appropriate level for them and then take quizzes to assess their reading comprehension. Students are given a recommended reading range known as a ZPD, "Zone of Proximal Development". The ZPD is determined by the student's score on the STAR reading test. The purpose of the ZPD is to give students a personalized range of books that are at an appropriate level for them to practice reading. Reading books within a student's ZPD ensures that books are not too easy or too hard, and allows for reading skills to improve.

ZHS has the web-based version of Accelerated Reader, which includes:

  • Access to over 150,000 quizzes to choose from. You may check AR Bookfind  to see if a book has an AR quiz.
  • Home Connect allows parents to review the AR quiz results from the books their students have taken quizzes on. Parents can also sign up to receive email alert after their student takes a quiz.