Math Courses

Algebra I (9-12)
An introduction to basic operations on mathematical expressions, solving equations and inequalities through problem solving.  This course is the basis for all other high school math courses.
Algebra II (9-12)
A continuation of beginning algebra in preparation for college algebra.  The main topics include functions, linear functions, linear systems, quadratic functions, polynomial functions, rational functions and exponential equations.Honor classes reach exponential and logarithmic functions.
Geometry (9-12)
The study of basic points, lines, and planes deductive and inductive reasoning and finding area and volume of many shapes.  A strong emphasis is given on GEE content.
Advanced Math (10-12)
An in-depth study of algebraic and trigonometric functions.  This course is designed to help students either prepare for or place out of college algebra and/or college trigonometry.
Financial Math (11-12)
Designed to learn about the fundamentals of personal finance from planning to investments and credit.  Students learn the computations used to calculate income, loan and credit card payments, tax deduction, and insurance premiums.
Calculus (11-12)
Studies basic techniques of differentiation and integration.  A strong background in Algebra II concepts, trigonometry, and analytics is recommended as prerequisites.