Physical Education Courses

P.E. I
Introduction to major and minor sports.  Develops basic skill sets, learn rules, regulations, and how to score in each game.
Second year P.E. students are expected to display prior knowledge from P.E. I.  Students apply prior knowledge for more advanced play in previously learned units.
Athletic P.E.
Usually 7th hour.  This class is for athletes only.  Students enhance their sport specific skill with their athletic coach.
Sports Medicine I
Sports Medicine 1 emphasizes the prevention of athletic injuries, including the components of exercise science, anatomy, principles of safety, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and vital signs. Subject matter will also include discussion of legal issues, members of the sports medicine team, nutrition, protective sports equipment, environmental safety issues, taping and wrapping, mechanisms of injury, and application of other sports medicine concepts. Students interested in healthcare careers in athletic training, physical therapy, medicine, exercise physiology, nursing, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, and radiology will benefit from this course.
Sports Medicine II
Sports Medicine 2 emphasizes the assessment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Subject matter will include discussion of specific conditions and injuries that may be experienced by individuals participating in athletic activities. In addition, the use of appropriate therapeutic modalities and exercise in the care and rehabilitation of injuries will be examined. Advanced concepts related to the administrative aspects of the sports medicine program will also be covered in this course.