Dramatic Arts

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Drama at ZHS is staged in a student centered classroom where students become better communicators and performers through practice, performance, competition, and
observation.Speech and drama are best learned through doing.  When you walk into the drama classroom, you are likely to see a student in front of the room.  Drama students will grow through observing both strengths and weaknesses of their classmates.  Therefore, oral-peer evaluations play an important role in the drama curriculum.With respect to the production component to the drama program, both participation in speech and drama competitions and required attendance at community productions play a vital role in meeting and sustaining a level of excellence in ZHS productions.
Students need to see professional productions as well as those of other high
schools to get a true sense of what can be achieved when high standards are set
and met.Speech and theatre provide students with opportunities to take initiative, to solve problems, to take pride in something, to feel appreciated and needed, and most importantly, to shine!