Top Performing School District!

Today, the Louisiana Department of Education released the 2021-2022 school and district performance results. 

 Congratulations, our school district earned an “A” letter grade and is the TOP Performing School District in Louisiana!  

 I am so proud of our students, faculty, and staff. Our success is because of your hard work and dedication, which has produced continuous growth for our students.  

  • Zachary District Performance Score:  96.5 A 
  • District Student Growth:  A 
  • All schools are “Top Gains” Honorees  
  • ZHS is an “Equity” Honoree 

Thank you for continuing to focus on data-driven decision-making, building relationships, and maintaining a positive learning environment. As a district, we are committed to providing strong opportunities for all students in academics, arts, and athletics. Our community support is an integral part of our success.  

Again, I commend the entire Zachary community for being recognized as the #1 school district.  

Zachary District Performance Score:  
2021-2022:   96.5 A 
2020-2021:   93.3 A (Simulated)
2019-2020:   95.9 A

Scott Devillier, Superintendent  

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